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We offer services based on honest work and detail. Realization of gardens and outdoor public spaces.

The garden makes a home, it is an extension of the living space of the interior, where you spend time, relax and unwind. In order for a garden to fulfill this purpose, it requires a functional and aesthetic foundation and subsequent perfect maintenance. The garden has been established for years, it is not enough just to plant plants and place inanimate elements of garden architecture. 

It is a living work, variable in space and time. We do not only perceive the garden during nice days, but we can also observe its variability during the winter. If you want to have a pleasant environment around you, do not hesitate to use our services from design, through implementation, to subsequent maintenance. We are creating outdoor space and gardens for you that will meet your expectations and ideas.



Laying lawns
Laying grass carpets
Installing irrigation systems
Depth aeration and scarification
Garden and water constructions

Garden and water constructions

Outdoor terraces
Outdoor paving
Garden houses
Trees and woody plants

Trees and woody plants


The perfect garden
for a happy life

Living in the perfect comfort with the nature at hand


Our vision is the perfect implementation and maintenance of gardens and public outdoor spaces. Places you will fall in love with and you will be happy to spend your time in. We pay attention to the quality of all work performed and the satisfaction of each customer. We provide professional service and consultations in order to ensure a perfect result that meets expectations and high demands. Each house deserves a perfect connection with a beautiful garden with mature trees, stones, wood and grass.

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